Quotes for all international import and export transportation of goods, if accepted by customer, shall constitute a Negotiated Rate Agreement (NRA), for purposes of satisfying the requirements of the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) and any other applicable regulatory agencies.

This NRA is a living document intended to allow IGL Logistics to meet FMC requirements imposed on all NVOCC’s (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers), to document their rates, and for customers to acknowledge & accept those rates.  This is done to protect the shipping public.  The FMC allows NVOCC’s to determine whether they will document rates publicly, via tariff database; or privately, via Confidential Negotiated Rate Agreements.  In an effort to preserve the integrity of our customers’ private & proprietary business and financial information, as well as to streamline your acceptance of such rates, IGL Logistics has elected to utilize the below NRA, which is incorporated by reference into the quote document you have been provided separately.

The below information is incorporated into the terms of the NRA for each and every transaction, full-container, less-than-container, or individual piece, for which the transportation of cargo is to be facilitated and billable by IGL Logistics to our customers.  Separate tariffs, agreements, and/or IGL policies may also govern charges associated with your customer account.


  • All rates are subject to space & equipment availability.
  • Rates do not include AMS $30, customs clearance $95, ISF $40, OGA’s, Duties, Taxes, Bonds, or Insurance.
  • Additional charges will apply, if applicable, for Imports:
    • overweight containers
    • hazardous cargo
    • customs exams or inspections
    • demurrage, detention, per diem charges
    • wharfage, terminal, & port congestion surcharges, or port modernization fees, any of which may be applicable at the time
    • pre-pull $200 & yard storage $70/day
    • chassis usage $65/day (2day min), chassis splits $175, repositioning fees $175
    • toll fees, bridge fees & passes
    • domestic & international courier services
    • traffic mitigation fees aka Pier Pass
    • late documentation submission for customs filings
    • currency conversion, bank fees, disbursement fees
    • equipment availability
  • Additional charges will apply, if applicable, for Exports:
    • AES charge:  $25/BL up to 3 line items, $2 per additional line item
    • Origin Doc & Handling fee:  $50/BL
    • AMS: $35/BL
    • Chassis rental:  Up to $75/container per day (minimum of 2 days is required)
    • Chassis repo/split:  Up to $150/container per occurrence
    • Tri-Axle chassis rental:  Up to $300/container per day
    • Waiting time:  1 hour free for live load/unload; up to $125/hr thereafter
    • Detention & Demurrage: Additional charges will apply for detention & demurrage
    • Extended Gate Fee:  $40/container
    • GRI (General Rate Increase) subject to GRI
    • BAF (Bunker Adjustment Fuel) subject to BAF
    • Cancelled Booking Fee:  $175/cancellation
    • Destination Handling Fee:  $50/container / agency agreement – if not paid by consignee
    • Labor Unrest Surcharge:  In the event such conditions arise, a port congestion surcharge will apply to cargo arriving in or departing the US or Canada as follows:  $800/D20, $1000/D40, $1100/H40
    • Panama Canal Surcharge
  • Drayage is based on live unload including 1-hour free time, and $125/hour thereafter.
  • Destination charges will apply unless otherwise stated.  Additional charges may be assessed at destination.  If destination charges are to be paid at origin, please request that these amounts be verified.
  • Drop and Hook can be accommodated; however client is subject to paying for the first and last container only as long as the flow (inbound full to outbound empty) is not stopped. If empties are not available on the trip back, client must pay for the return(s).
  • Duties disbursed will be subjected to a service charge of 3%.
  • Fuel Surcharge (FSC) is subject to weekly review and is supported by the Department of Energy (DOE) National Averages.
  • Any and all charges imposed against the cargo by a third party, governmental office or agency, booking carrier, or scenario in which IGL acts as the agent on behalf of the Bill-To party, shipper, or consignee, will be charged back to the customer as a pass-through obligation. IGL reserves the right to charge up to a 3% service fee on all disbursements made by IGL prior to being funded by the Bill-To Party. A minimum of $5 will be charged for each third-party disbursement made by IGL for such pass-through amounts.
  • Military, Government, or similar licensed cargo must be advised at the time of booking, documented, and pre-approved by the VOCC and any applicable partners/agents.
  • Charges for insurance, credit terms, changes to the shipment details, destination, transportation-mode, or other non-transportation related items are otherwise determined by IGL policies or tariff.  Charges for such items are included by reference despite not being itemized herein.
  • Transit times, sailing frequency details, routings, and services are approximate and subject to change without notice.  All should be verified/confirmed at time of booking.

This NRA follows the rules established by the FMC as per 46 CFR.  Booking of cargo after being provided our quote referencing these terms, and this NRA, constitutes acceptance of same.  By IGL moving forward with facilitating the transportation of goods, we will assess our charges, rates, or surcharges, as applicable, and as described herein or as otherwise incorporated by reference to our tariff(s), policies, contracts, or agreements.  This NRA will be considered to have immediate force and effect to govern the billable charges associated with the transportation of the freight/cargo described in the NRA/Quote transaction-specific document. The rate offer is being made by IGL Logistics, a registered NVOCC with FMC registration number (029084NF).